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Social responsibility initiative

Our mission is direct and holds a holistic view our aim is to give back to the community through the Travel and tourism activities. To empower young children and young adults (18 to 26 years old) from all works of life in a productive and beneficial manner that will help them achieve the following: "When you who you are? Your purpose in life becomes clearer, your dreams more tangible, goals easier to set and achieve. Life simply becomes wonderful and with living!"- That's what we hope to achieve by taking young ones out of their comfort zones, away from their routine life's to show them the rest of the world and the endless possibilities.

Travel sponsorship program

Big Time Travel's sole purpose is to empower financially and socially disadvantaged children and young adults to help them develop the desire for greater things, greater positions in life by taking them out of their comfort zone and into a places where they can be inspired by seeing others living differently and achieving wonderful things. This is to be achieved purely on sponsorship and through Travel and Tourism activity that will be educational, entertaining, exciting and enlightening for those who participate. Project will be done purely on sponsorship: Big Time Travel aims to organize a travel or event related services for a school, a Shelter, Charity homes or a family that can't afford these services themselves. Become a BTT Travel Sponsor We invite and will welcome any individual, company or organizations that will join us in fulfilling this wonderful and humbly project. The Travel sponsorship program is our contribution to social development and as the cliché goes the more the merrier we could use your partnership. Our partners contributions will not go unrecognized whether by goods, skills or financial assistance credited will be given where it's due. Benefits for our sponsor's/ partners Register with our social responsibility program. Join here.

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